Stabilizers provide optimal positioning, stabilization and coronary artery isolation during beating heart surgery.
Titan Flex and Titan Stabilizers offer dynamic tissue adherence, micro-footprint vacuum compression and 360-degree articulating malleable metal design for maximum functionality and flexibility.




Reusable flexible arm provides stabilization and positioning of various anatomical structures during on- and off-pump procedures.


Positions anatomical structures during off-pump surgical procedures.
Disposable Suture Holder Inserts slide into a variety of sternal retractors to place tension on the sutures aiding the positioning of anatomical structures and providing exposure and access during surgical procedures.


Works with the Herc Flex™ and Hercules™ 3 Universal Stabilizer Arms to deliver atraumatic positioning and retraction during a variety of surgical procedures where a person’s hand is traditionally needed.


The MicroSurge BlowMister provides delivery of CO2 and saline when a wound or surgical site must be cleared by non-contact means for improved visibility at the site.


The reusable stainless steel Universal Stabilizer Arm Clamp (forward and rearward mount), provides a platform for the Hercules Stabilizing Arm to attach to an Ankeney Type Retractor.