Advanced oxygenators with enhanced flow dynamics1, resulting in lower minimum operating levels and increased maximum blood flow rates.

A 32 µm screen filter surrounds the fiber layer of the oxygenator.

Particulate micro-emboli that may be present in the blood is trapped in the filter mesh while gaseous emboli remain inside the oxygenator and in contact with the hollow fibers.

Driven by the pressure difference, gaseous emboli enter the inner lumen of the microporous hollow fiber and are eliminated via the gas outlet.

High-performance, low prime volume oxygenators designed to meet a wide variety of patient needs.


Proven design, continuously enhanced to increase safety and reduce risk.
Real-time monitoring of DO2 as one of 12 blood parameters.
Precise blood temperature control without ice. The quiet running system delivers reliable, effective blood temperature management control during cardiopulmonary by-pass and other related cardiovascular procedures.



Efficiently concentrates blood using a polysulfone membrane material for high ultrafiltration rate.


Single-use pumphead for use with the Sarns Centrifugal System




Single-use pumphead for use with Bio-Console ® console 540 and 550 models.


A high-performance cardioplegia delivery system with the efficiency required for complex cardioplegia protocols