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CAPIOX® CP50 Cardioplegia Set

A high-performance cardioplegia delivery system with the efficiency required for complex cardioplegia protocols


The CAPIOX® Cardioplegia makes cardioplegia solution temperature management and control easy and convenient. The extremely efficient heat exchanger provides the ability to make rapid changes to the temperature of the cardioplegia solution using a single-pass structure. Use of a thermistor probe allows accurate and convenient temperature monitoring.




    • CAPIOX® heat exchanger


    • Efficient heat exchange


    • Integrated bubble trap


    • Low prime volume


    • 96 micron filter
    Catalog Number Description Units/Case
    4:1 Ratio, with Bridge
    62556 Cardioplegia set, 4:1 ratio, with bridge 6
    8:1 Ratio, with Bridge
    62557 Cardioplegia set, 8:1 ratio, with bridge; expect order 6-8weeks 6
    Accessories for CAPIOX® CP50 Cardioplegia Se
    9439 Water fitting, quick-connect for use with myocardial protection systems 1
    62909 Isolator line 6
    1CX*BP021 Thermistor wire, blue 10
    1CX*BP022 Thermistor wire, red 10
    1XX*XH081 Holder 1
    Refer to this device’s Instructions For Use (IFU) for the risks associated with its use.