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Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.

Titan Flex and TitanStabilizers

Stabilizers provide optimal positioning, stabilization and coronary artery isolation during beating heart surgery.
Titan Flex and Titan Stabilizers offer dynamic tissue adherence, micro-footprint vacuum compression and 360-degree articulating malleable metal design for maximum functionality and flexibility.






  • Stability even for the largest heart


  • Low profile


  • Maximized operative area


  • Recoil tissue spreading


  • Dynamic tissue adherenc


  • Advanced vacuum stabilization


  • Malleable footprint


  • Vacuum compression
Catalog Number Description Unit/Case
Stabilizers for OPCAB
T401232 Titan™ Flex Stabilizer Single use, suction, enhanced malleable footprint 5
T401232U Titan™ Flex 360 Stabilizer Single use, suction, 360-degree articulation maximizes vessel and stabilization, enhanced malleable footprint 5
Refer to this device’s Instructions For Use (IFU) for the risks associated with its use.